CBD helps with productivity working from home

As many of us are now working from home, we find ourselves with a new challenge of finding work-life balance. Your daily commute might be shorter, but you might find it harder to shut off completely from work as your home is no longer a sanctuary and is now a reminiscence of your workplace. 

Before you reach for that coffee, here’s a better way you can boost your productivity using CBD products. CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant and unlike THC, it will not get you high. People often prefer to use CBD products during the day as it has the many benefits of cannabis but without the psychoactive effects. Below are just 5 ways on how CBD can help with your productivity working from home. 

1. CBD helps you stay focused and motivated 

We all have experienced that afternoon mental slump when everything seems to be an uphill task. CBD helps to improve brain function as it boosts neural pathways involved in thought navigation. This results in a clearer thought process and mental clarity. 

2. CBD reduces stress 

CBD binds to our body’s cannabinoid receptors to stimulate a feel-good response. The cannabinoid system is what helps keep our body in balance. High stress can cause the hippocampus to shrink. This particular area of the brain is responsible for memory, learning, and regulating emotions. Studies have shown that CBD can help to reduce neuron atrophy and death in the hippocampus. This helps to relax our brain while protecting the hippocampus to improve our mood, memory, and focus. 

CBD helps to reduce stress

3. CBD relaxes tense muscles 

Being in front of the computer all day can cause tension around our neck, shoulders, back, and also arm. These micro-tensions can lead to muscle aches and even migraines, which are disruptive to the way we work. Many people combat body aches with lotions and balms infused with CBD. These topical products are fast-acting and have anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve pain and allow you to focus better. 

4. Increase energy levels with CBD

Certain CBD products can make you more sleepy, while others can make you feel more awake. This is because of the different terpene profiles that provide other therapeutic benefits alongside CBD. CBD products that have the terpene pinene can make you feel more alert, energetic, and happy. 

5. You will sleep better with CBD 

According to the CDC organization, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. Continuous lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and compromised immunity. CBD is able to make you feel more relaxed and at ease throughout the day. Studies have shown that being in a better state of mind during the day is able to improve your sleep quality. You’d wake up feeling more fresh and ready to tackle any task. 

CBD helps you to sleep


CBD is a natural alternative to caffeinated beverages as a way to improve your productivity working from home. It has various benefits promoting better physical and mental health to help you get through the work day and unwind in the evenings. 

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