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One of the amazing qualities of CBD is its variety of forms and methods of application. One size does not fit all and your approach to health and wellness should be tailored to your lifestyle and routine. In this article, we will cover some of the most popular forms of CBD and help you decide which options suit your needs and routine. 

CBD edibles 

CBD edibles have grown in popularity as it's an easy, convenient and delicious way to get the benefits of the cannabidiol. Edibles such as CBD gummies are pre-dosed so you know just how much CBD you're taking. Edible forms of CBD can be a discreet method of consumption and are handy to for when you're on the go or at work. 

CBD edibles will take longer to kick and a lot of the benefits might be digested before reaching the bloodstream so the CBD potency isn't as high. 


 CBD oil tinctures

CBD oil tinctures can be a great option for those who wish to cut out the sugar of flavorful edibles and want a more pure consumption method. CBD tinctures are solutions made in oil or alcohol by boiling the hemp flower for long periods until it's almost dissolved. The concentration is then diluted in a career oil like MCT coconut oil or olive oil. While tinctures may not be as convenient as edibles, a few drops of CBD tinctures under the tongue is absorbed a lot faster into the blood stream than edibles. 

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CBD flowers 

If you enjoy the taste, smell and ritual of smoking cannabis, then CBD hemp flowers can be the perfect way for you to enjoy the terpene flavors of cannabis without the intoxicating high. Inhaling CBD is also the fastest method to feel the full effects of the medicinal plant.  
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CBD topicals 

There's been a growing popularity of CBD topical creams, lotions, balms, and bath bombs. These products are designed to be applied directly to the skin and are great for joint pains, muscle aches, and tensions around the body. For those who seek pain relief from specific areas of their body may find tinctures to be the perfect solution. 
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How to get started on CBD 

The human body is a complex network of receptors and what might work for someone, might not be perfect for someone else. There's not one size fits all when it comes to CBD so we recommend you to experiment with products and even keep a journal of how how much you take, when, and how you feel. 

As a rule of thumb, start with a lower dosage, wait an hour, and then take a larger dosage. CBD is safe and there are no serious side effects in taking larger doses throughout the day. 

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