Difference between CBD and THC

CBD and THC are the two compounds that are actively found in the cannabis plant. They are similar with respect to their molecular structure and the various therapeutic benefits they provide. Nevertheless, they interact with our body systems quite differently. The biggest difference is how CBD and THC can make you feel. For example, THC provides the “high” associated with cannabis. 

What is THC? 

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is responsible for the “head high” you would feel when you consume marijuana. THC has cognitive effects as it binds with the neurological receptors and changes the working process of the brain. It can affect your ability of thinking, memory, concentration, and even sensations. 

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol and like THC, is also an active ingredient in cannabis. It is non-psychoactive, meaning that it doesn’t directly bind to the receptors in the brain the way THC does. Consuming CBD won’t make you high but you might experience a “body high” which is a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and sometimes euphoria. There are many health benefits of using CBD and studies have linked continuous CBD consumption with lower anxiety levels, anti-inflammatory properties, and can help to alleviate ailments. 

CBD and THC in hemp products

Hemp products generally are enriched with CBD and contain very little to no THC. CBD.io provides full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products. Full spectrum CBD extracts may contain trace amounts of THC (under 0.3%), while broad spectrum extracts have the THC completely removed. Although full spectrum CBD may contain THC, the amount is too to have a psychoactive effect so you will not feel high.  

CBD vs. THC legality

The great thing is that hemp-derived CBD products  containing less than 0.3% THC is completely legal in all 50 states in the US. In December 2018, hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and was legalized by the Agriculture Improvement Act — more commonly known as the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Cannabis containing more than 0.3% of THC is only legal in certain states. If you possess cannabis products high in THC in a state where they’re illegal and you don’t hold the required medical prescription, then you can face harsh legal penalties. It’s always good to check your state’s laws beforehand. 

The biggest difference between CBD and THC is how they make you feel 

CBD and THC have similar molecular structure but they interact with our bodies quite differently. While THC can have intoxicating effects, CBD isn’t psychoactive and won’t make you feel high. For this reason, a lot of people prefer to consume CBD instead as you’re still able to receive the benefits of cannabis such as pain relief, reduce anxiety and depression, anti-inflammatory properties, and improve overall physical and mental health. 

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