CBD for pain relief- a snowboarders experience

Whether you’re a frequent skier or snowboarder or a first-timer hitting the bunny slopes, there is one guarantee in the world of snowsports... you’re going to be sore the next day. It’s never a matter of if you’ll be sore, it’s simply a matter of when the pain will arrive and how severe it will feel. Ever wonder why there are so many hot tubs at ski resorts? You guessed it. To comfort, soothe, and relieve aching muscles. 


Pain Pills vs. CBD?

If you’re a snow sports enthusiast like me, the quintessential ski resort experience typically involves a full day on the slopes followed by a hot tub soak and a couple of cocktails to help relieve (or ignore) the inevitable onset of aches and pains. Add in a couple Advil or Tylenol for good measure and I hope my 45-year-old body wakes up the next day feeling ready to do it all over again. Truth is, no matter what measures I take, the next day always hurts. My back is usually the worst due to the repetitive bending over to secure my bindings as well as the bindings of my two kids. People with young kids who snowboard know the pain. While the aches and pains are never something that keeps me off the slopes, it’s just something that over the years I consider just part of the game. I have simply become apathetic to the pain because snowboarding is something I truly enjoy and love.

Are CBD Gummies better than Oil?

Nonetheless, my apathy for snowboarding pain changed on a recent family ski trip to Aspen Snowmass. I decided to take a friend’s advice and try using CBD for pain relief. Not sure which brand or type of CBD to take. Should I start with CBD oil or gummies or just stick with CBD topical lotion or salve? After some research decided to go with CBD gummies as it seemed like a simple and easily measured method for a CBD newbie. I chose gummies over oil simply because of convenience and familiarity, I’d never consumed any kind of tinctures or essential oils before. As a result, I purchased a container of GRN CBD Gummies 750mg (75 count / 10mg CBD per gummy) online prior to the trip figuring at the very least I’d enjoy them as a tasty treat. Like many people, I’ve had my skepticism about CBD but had never actually put it to the test. 

Do CBD gummies work? 

My first CBD experience was eye-opening. For whatever reason, I did not take any of my CBD gummies on the first day of riding, I just stuck to just my usual hot tub, and a couple of IPAs remedy. The next morning I woke up as I always do, stiff, sore, and in moderate pain. This is when I took the first of my CBD gummies about 15 minutes after waking up and washed them down with black coffee. Naturally, I was not expecting to feel immediate results or instant pain relief, rather I was hopeful that eventually, I would experience some sort of pain relief or comfort.  So I just went about my pre-skiing business of making breakfast for the kids and getting everybody geared up for another busy and blissful day on the slopes. It was roughly 45 minutes later as I was pulling on my snow gear and tightening up my boots that a noticed a distinct lack of pain. Usually, putting my snowboard boots on is the most painful task, and I was anticipating the usual discomfort, however, the pain was just not there. It was a very pleasant and exciting realization, some might even describe it as a “body high”. At any rate, I felt great and was ready to hit the slopes full steam ahead! 






Do CBD Gummies help you sleep? 

Throughout the rest of the trip, I simply put myself on a 3 gummies a day (30mg CBD per day) schedule, morning, noon, and night and enjoyed the most pain-free snowboard trip I can remember. Not only was my pain regulated, but I was also pleasantly surprised that taking CBD gummies resulted in improved sleep. Now I’m a person who typically wakes up often through the night, which leads to lots of tossing and turning to get back to sleep. While taking the CBD gummies on this trip my quality of sleep was incredible, I experienced vivid dreams, and to my welcomed surprise finally slept throughout the night. This was an epiphany, a full night’s uninterrupted sleep? CBD had made me a believer.


Are there side effects to taking CBD Gummies?

Is CBD a miracle drug, are there any side effects from taking CBD? I don’t fully know the answers, but from my recent experience I assume, the answers are no. I don’t believe in miracles and I have not noticed any negative side effects from using CBD, but one thing is for sure, the stuff works for me and I’ve officially and confidently added CBD to my diet.

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